What Does Automated Shortlisting Do?

Automated Shortlisting uses AI to analyze the way Job Applicants answer our online Performance Profile Questionnaire. This advanced technology enable us to help Clients to:

  • Identify which Job Applicants have the potential to obtain high performance ratings in specific roles, and
  • Build a shortlist which they can use to interview and appoint new hires on a consistent and reliable basis.

Is it a Personality Test?

The Performance Profile Questionnaire may look like a traditional Personality Test but through the deployment of advanced AI technology, we have been able to use the questionnaire both as a Personality  Test and to predict the Performance Potential of each Job Applicant.

How Does It Work?

A continuous flow of feedback from Clients regarding the performance of  new hires  is fed back into our AI Engine which  then continuously adapts the way in which it filters Job Applicants. This learning process optimizes ongoing Job Applicant Shortlisting.

This powerful technology radically improves the quality of new hires. It has been independently verified by Statisticians at Purdue University.

To discuss how we can help you rapidly build your cadre of  high performers and save significant recruitment time and money, please fill out the form and click on the “Request a Free Session” button. We will then contact you and schedule a mutually convenient time for the session to take place.