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Are you drowning in résumés?

Let our Award-Winning Automated Shortlisting service sort the wheat from the chaff for you online. We’ve been using AI to build shortlists for our worldwide cadre of clients for  over 20 years. With our user-friendly service we can identify job applicants who will:

  • Obtain high performance ratings in specific roles, and
  • Fit in with your unique culture and become long-term members of your staff.
  • Have the drive and imagination necessary to make an invaluable contribution to your goals.

What about Specific Qualifications, Skills, and Experience Requirements?

Our online easy-to-use Platform let’s you build up a library of Bio-Questions. For each job, you can:

  • Specify exactly the questions you want each applicant to answer as part of their application process, and
  • Require each applicant to include their résumé, and
  • Automatically reject  applicants who fail to meet requirements vital to the job

What do I have to do?

  • Use our online tools to answer some simple questions about the job, and
  • Select Bio-Questions from your own Bio-Question Library, and
  • That’s it! – We’ll take it from there!

What happens next?

  • Your job will be promoted through a diverse variety of social media outlets, and
  • Applicants will apply online, and\
  • Our powerful AI technology will figure out which ones you should consider interviewing, and
  • The entire process, including all administration, emails etc. is managed through our online Applicant Tracking System.

Like to Find Out More?

To discuss how we can help you rapidly build your cadre of high performers and save you significant recruitment time and money, please fill out the form and click on the “Contact Us” button. We will then contact you and schedule a mutually convenient time for a discussion to take place.